Orgentis products

The products manufactured by Orgentis have a positive effect on soil biodiversity and stimulate resistance to disease within the soil or the cultivation base. All Orgentis products are 100% natural and can be applied in combination with one another.

Click on the below illustration to find out what exactly takes place in soil.

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Biomentor #2

Biomentor #2 promotes seed germination and root hair growth. It improves the soil or substrate structure and stimulates nitrogen fixation. Use of Biomentor #2 improves the absorption of fertilisers and results in a reduction in the use of necessary biocides.

Biomentor #2 contains ray fungi and actinomycetes.

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Biomentor #3

Biomentor #3 promotes blossoming and fruit quality. It increases the sugar content of plants and the lifespan of fruit. Its micro-organisms stimulate nitrogen fixation, thereby preventing the loss of nitrate nutrients.

Biomentor #3 contains photosynthetic bacteria, fungi and natural effective substances such as enzymes, which are produced by these micro-organisms.

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Biomentor #4

Biomentor #4 contains bacteria that convert decayed material into plant nutrition. Biomentor #4 is ideally used to degrade root remains and plant waste so that harmful roundworms, fungi and bacteria cannot survive in these.

This product can also be used to clean and maintain rainwater and irrigation systems.

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Biomentor Arthro

Biomentor Arthro contains fungi that are naturally found in healthy soil, but have virtually disappeared due to intensive soil exploitation, use of chemical substances and fumigation. The renewed implantation of these bacteria into soil restores the biological equilibrium and aggressively combats harmful fungi and nematodes.

Biomentor Arthro organically controls the number of harmful nematodes in soil.

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Bio Bacil Plus

Bio Bacil Plus is rich in powerful strains of bacteria. These bacteria produce antibiotics naturally. They go about their work aggressively and infest harmful roundworms. Their presence will prevent the explosive reproduction of harmful fungi and bacteria.

These bacteria live in symbiosis with other aggressive organisms and they eliminate fusarium, botrytis and other harmful fungi found in soil.

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Biomentor Tricho

Biomentor Tricho contains fungi that are extremely effective at nesting in and around the root area, thereby providing good protection here. Biomentor Tricho consists of numerous strains, including trichoderma viride, which combats verticillium, fusarium and pythium.

Biomentor is ideal for use in combination with other Biomentor products.

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Biomentor Lysobacter

Lysobacter is a useful bacterium that ensures that harmful bacteria like pythium and rhizoctonia are destroyed and are not given a chance to develop. Biomentor Lysobacter contributes to improved soil biodiversity. Crops become less susceptible to diseases and pests.

Biomentor Lysobacter is ideal for application in combination with other Biomentor products.

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Kelp contains a wide range of trace elements, including minerals, enzymes, proteins and vitamins, all of which are essential for healthy soil and healthy plants.

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Pow-Humus is 100% water-soluble. It has a buffering effect in the soil and prevents damage to crops caused by aggressive elements, such as saline- and chemical substances.

Pow-Humus enriches the cultivation-base and promotes the growth of micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi.

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